The Knot Pro App gives wedding vendors key personalized insights into who was visiting their marketplace on The Knot and allowed vendors the opportunity to initiate conversation with their next potential customer. 

Lead Designer (1)
Researcher (1)
Product Management (1)
Engineers (2)


Who were our users?

Our users owned small to medium-sized businesses within the wedding industry and managed marketplaces on The Knot. They had the want to grow their business and gain more leads.

What problems was I solving and how did I solve them?

I provided users with key data regarding the client's wedding information and enabled users to initiate conversation. By showing them important lead information, The Knot Pro Mobile App was able to become a key sales tool the vendors used to increase their business and helped boost revenue. 



Thorough research. During this phase I researched our user personas, accumulated contextual examples for a competitive research analysis, understood technical restraints, familiarized myself with the epics and stories and participated in several initial brainstorming sessions. Through my findings I was able to move forward with initial concepting.

Personas and Contextual examples

Personas and Contextual examples

brainstorming sessions

brainstorming sessions



Putting pen to paper. I designed user flows and low fidelity hand-drawn sketches to help visualize the user experience. Before moving to digital layouts, I showed the designs to our Sponsor Users and received validation of my hypotheses. I created a mid-fidelity digital prototype and conducted usability testing with vendors and received feedback that helped to refine the designs.



User testing

User testing


Final Implementation

Releasing into the wild. The Beta version was released to the Apple Store to gain continuing knowledge and feedback from our actual users. Only releasing to a select percentage of the market, we were able to hone in on what was working well and what still needed updating. We ranked the severity of those updates and phased out our approach.

Final Designs