Cloud Brokerage Services leverages IBM's technology and IBM's expertise in managed services to enable cloud brokerage customers' journey to the cloud. While Cloud Brokerage Services includes IBM Cloud offerings within its service catalog, they also enable customers to leverage strategic partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Azure, and other service providers. I guided the user through the shopping experience for purchasing cloud services via a strategic design process.

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Who were our users?

We had two types of users, buyers who purchased services for themselves and buyers who purchased for others. These buyers were typically DevOps and Dev Engineers. For those who purchased for themselves, they expected a way to add multiple services. For those who purchased on behalf of others, they wanted a way to quickly buy a single service.

What problems was I solving and how did I solve them?

My goal was to allow both types of buyers the ability to purchase a single service, as well as purchase a bundle of services.

I implemented a user experience that empowered the users to make informed decisions while navigating through the checkout experience.



Defining the problem. After interviewing the Product Managers on what was communicated by several clients, I knew the problem – we needed to have a checkout experience to eliminate the current slow process of users purchasing service through IBM Cloud Brokerage. After understanding the initial needs, I did an audit on similar shopping experiences that held gold-star standards.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 6.26.50 PM.png




Creating a story. By understanding the technical limitations and understanding what our users needed, I began with creating various user flows that depicted the ultimate shopping experience. I then coupled the user flows with low-fidelity designs to help the Stakeholders understand the overall concepts.

User Flows

User Flows


Final Implementation

Testing a prototype. I created mid-fidelity designs that were shown to various clients and refinements were made based on the feedback received. I held in-person usability testing on the prototype with technical IBM employees and our clients to share feedback on the comprehensive flow of the buying experience. Due to unexpected issues, I made quick edits and a new prototype was promptly made. Overall, the experience was on target which allowed me to begin the final designs.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Drawer exploration

Drawer exploration



Final Designs

Checkout page

Checkout page

edit page

edit page

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